Sunday, January 30, 2011

Explosions fifth album.

I dont know how long I have been waiting for this... but its finally happening.
One of my all time favorite bands Explosions in the Sky is releasing their new 
album on April 26th in the US. They have been in hibernation for what seems 
like forever and I am extremely excited to hear what their new sound will be like.
New Album means new tours and shows in which the last time they were near 
me I missed them and figured another chance would roll around and man... 
do I regret that decision.

For more info and track list:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sales and Support.

Spent the weekend behind a booth selling shirts and hanging out with some really amazing Dj's -White Noise, Eddie Gold, Carlos Brown, and Designer Drugs - really cool guys and they were all big fans of my work. If you like dubstep/electro you should give all of these guys a listen and maybe catch them live its a pretty amazing experience. 


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Stupidity and Confusion 

I spent my morning on the phone with ____ web hosting services technical support. This was the 3rd time I had spoken with them and they insisted on giving me as hard of a time as they could muster. I am trying to get up and running for the southeasts design and illustration solutions :). But now I am playing the waiting game once again...

I have also received several offers on my "Mr. Rabbit" Teeshirt Design that was originally pitched to the band Circa Survive. I am trying to make a good marketing decision and sell this to a buyer who can put it in front of the eyes and into the hands of a substantial number of people so I have been doing some demographic research and looking into the companies and people that have shot me offers and have yet to make a decision.

In the mean time I have been working on promotional material for this weeks shirt orders. This has kept my mind pretty busy for the past few hours so the result should be.... ya know.

ps. I can only post the previews. coming soon.


Suspenseful and Plainess

Wow... today has been... nothing. I wanted to go to school I wanted homework, this is day 3 of being snowed in or I should say iced in. I spent my free time designing until I was tired of that. Looking at swiss style poster designs and typographic based design work for hours was a draining experience. How ever I found myself up being an extreme nerd and playing online scrabble with shannon (losing almost every game might I add).

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day.

Process and Thought

I believe that the georgia is in chaos right now over a little snow. After my experience during the worst of the "snow storm" I was feeling excited about venturing out today and going to school. Although, after watching the news and seeing that tons of people were thinking the same and blocking every road in every direction and learning that my class had been canceled I was a bit upset. Consider me snowed in.
After a day spent with my little sister outside in the cold and homework here and there I decided to watch some movies with coffee to make this snow day official.

127 Hours, a, based on true, events movie about a man trapped in a canyon with one arm crushed beneath a boulder and his unthinkable decision remove his own arm. This movie gave me the extreme sense of helplessness I wont spoil the rest.

Se7en, a story about a soon to be retired new york detective and a just transferred rookie detective assigned to work a homicide that ends up being the work of an extremely smart and twisted serial killer. The killer plans every moment of the week long escapade and thinks through every situation and scenario until his plan is completed. This movie is one of my favorites.

127 hours

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Blur.

Stubbornness and Surreality

So its sunday and I find myself at SCAD again working, playing, sitting haha. I spent the night at the high museum looking at the artwork of Dali. With over 1000 people, not moving several lines and clusters of people it was an experience to say the least. The drawings of this artist and publication covers he was featured on were most interesting to me. I guess I am not the biggest fan of his.

After this long event filled night bedtime ended being around 530am and the next day I was awake by 9 so as you can imagine saturday and sunday became a little blurred.  

I spent the rest of my sunday on home work and designing. I was advised, on multiple occasions, to make my 20 mile trip back home early to avoid the "winter nightmare." However, me being as stubborn as I am I decided to have dinner at 8pm. My journey did not begin until there was at least an inch of snow on the ground. So I suited up, and adorned my true northern persona and began down the snow covered 6 lane interstates of atlanta. To my surprise I was in awe of how beautiful the fresh sheet of thick snow was. Six lanes with hardly any cars on them covered in pure white snow. The street lights were a blur with all of the snowflakes pouring in front of them. The wind whistling and the snow hitting my windshield, it was a sight.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is Why.

Unrest and Purpose

Today started out very different from yesterday, I had a good breakfast, and got away from my computer for a little while. Once I had eaten and showered I sat at my computer and decided to watch a new found tv series called Party Down. With a cast of some of my favorite comical unknown actors and a plot about the lives of struggling actors in L.A. trying to make a name for themselves, it had potential to be one of the few 
T.V shows I enjoy.
(note) the logotype is set in knockout. a little something I noticed.
After this I decided to head into town to work on home work with fellow SCAD designers Eric Beatty and Dinesh Dave we decided to take a trip to Lenox mall and ended up visiting Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters could be considered half of the reason why I choose to design tshirts for myself and others. The tshirt shelf 's littered with mindless trendy artwork and prints that have no substance. I want people to wear quality tshirt artwork that communicates something and has meaning. My problem with Urban Outfitters tshirts is their choice of designs. The cliche and mundane trends of today coupled with the poor re-interpretations of pop culture symbolism push me continue to make artwork and products art with a purpose beyond opening the wallets of the mindless followers.

(Thrown Together)


Friday, January 7, 2011

Busy Busy Busy.

Work and Productivity

Today was spent moving forward on a lot of things I began the day with some doughnuts and coffee and my sketch book, to get a move on some creative thought. I am trying to get ahead in my first few weeks of school. The time flew by with only moments here and there to breathe. I am staring at my computer screen like I have been for the past 10 or 12 hours web coding, mocking up designs, editing photos, redoing my websites navigation it is almost as chaotic as my thoughts.
Ideas and things to do are racking my brain, my hunger has subsided and this will continue long into the night.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making a Name.

Discouragement and Renewal

I am constantly worried about making a name for myself as a freelance designer. I spend my free time designing/illustrating teeshirt art for clients (bands) or myself recently I have been feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed by the talented Teeshirt designers that have been marking their territory in the field... but then recently I received some attention as well as some reassuring and motivating words from a designer friend Daniel who is a recent fan of my clothing and co-runs his own screen printing shop. Daniel mentioned is reason for his appreciation of my clothing is to see a graphic designer with a clothing line that doesn't stop working that continues to push out new and improved items that don't adapt to trends.  Today I pushed myself to keep working and to release my new type tee earlier than planned, with the help of my ever faithful photographer Shannon Dobrow

Graphic Design Studio.

So here we are again SCAD - Atlanta.. this year proves to be the most unpredictable yet. I am beginning my upper level Graphic Design classes, which I have been itching to be a part of. My Studio 1 professor Henry Kim is starting the class off with a 7 day journal pushing us to think about design and design elements during our normal day. I must begin acquiring photos and inspiration so... starting today I will be publishing this journal here. All of my followers will get to experience my terrible grammar, idiotic spelling and confusing thoughts for the next 7 days!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter Break Design Work - WBDW

A. Designer Drugs first alabama appearance flyers.
B. Secondary posters pitched to the producers of an upcoming exorcist film
C. Tee shirt design, messing with new styles pitched to the band circa survive.
D. Part of Matchstic's design internship application

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