Friday, May 25, 2012

John Frames

I love my job, I cant complain about anything at all. Today me and my design team took a little tour of the Portland Art Museum. We ventured upstairs to see the work of John Frames. A Californian artist who creates these immaculately detailed and creepy figurines. Most Stand about 8 or so inches tall and are hand carved and hand dressed by him and his wife. Created from found objects and wood he carves and creates every small joint in their legs, hands as well having small glass eyeballs that look indefinitely real. Each character and scene supposedly comes from his dreams. In his videos he goes into detail about the work and its process to create.

If you have a moment get here and look at the rest, I was taken back by seeing these sculptures up close.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keep e'm Coming.

Keeping my Identity skills rolling. I met a couple of new clients on the street corner, literally.
Two entrepreneurs in portland on 21st street selling sausages off the hand made grill they custom built.

I am fortunate enough to take on their branding and identity, its going to be an exciting month. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Eric Beatty

Eric Beatty. A designer, a business lead, an innovator, a laugh.

Proud to highlight this guys work. There is a funny story behind me and Eric's friendship. He is partly responsible for me getting my opportunity to intern at Nike HQ last summer. Designer friends are the best.

Mr. Beatty just recently launched his personal portfolio to attract potential employers, and I'm sure he will attract more than just that. The work is fantastic and speaks for itself. It was a true honor to work along side Eric during our college career.

This project in particular leaves me speechless. A mock project rebranding an up and coming airline with a new way of thinking about booking air travel. Its revolutionary, simple, beautifully executed. The posters speak directly to their target, and would be a brilliant campaign.

Good luck to you Mr. Beatty in all of your future endeavors.
Thank you for the experience we shared.

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