Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I had the opportunity to return to SCAD - Atlanta and share some words with some of the people who influenced my career the most. Its encouraging to know that some one I look up to also looks up to me. I was also given a chance to speak with future designers coming from the same foundation I was given. My thoughts...

My passion for design and curiosity for whats next are the only things keep me going in this industry. There will be many many encounters with clients, even AD's and CD's who are burnt out or just trying to execute a project to get paid and get it out the door. Staying curious is inspiring it helps you learn about yourself, the world and will make you a better designer... Ultimately a better person. Your passions and curiosity don't have to remain design centric, in fact its better if they aren't. For example and extensive love for travel can help flood the mind with new perspectives which can change the way you design or where you design. It keeps me thirsty for whats out there. When I quit you know where people thought I was doomed. It was a great job, everyone left at 5 and enjoyed their weekends. Perks were awesome summer fridays, thirsty thursdays, paid travel... It was so.... comfortable. I wasn't ready to be comfortable. I want a laundry list of accomplishments and different experiences. I want my resume to be extensive and surprising. Comfortable is nice and now I know what to look forward to later in my career. But there is too much out there to not go after some of it. I encourage all of you to stay sharp and be curious. The world needs more experienced and open people. And designers should be at the helm.

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