Saturday, January 8, 2011

This is Why.

Unrest and Purpose

Today started out very different from yesterday, I had a good breakfast, and got away from my computer for a little while. Once I had eaten and showered I sat at my computer and decided to watch a new found tv series called Party Down. With a cast of some of my favorite comical unknown actors and a plot about the lives of struggling actors in L.A. trying to make a name for themselves, it had potential to be one of the few 
T.V shows I enjoy.
(note) the logotype is set in knockout. a little something I noticed.
After this I decided to head into town to work on home work with fellow SCAD designers Eric Beatty and Dinesh Dave we decided to take a trip to Lenox mall and ended up visiting Urban Outfitters. Urban Outfitters could be considered half of the reason why I choose to design tshirts for myself and others. The tshirt shelf 's littered with mindless trendy artwork and prints that have no substance. I want people to wear quality tshirt artwork that communicates something and has meaning. My problem with Urban Outfitters tshirts is their choice of designs. The cliche and mundane trends of today coupled with the poor re-interpretations of pop culture symbolism push me continue to make artwork and products art with a purpose beyond opening the wallets of the mindless followers.

(Thrown Together)


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