Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer Love

I am still in the game. Look out for me these next few seasons as I have been planning and creating some amazing pieces. Throughout my busy days designing at work you have to find time to do the things you love to do. It brings me joy to make my own tees, with my own statements and ideas. I will continue to work hard to keep this afloat.

Friday, July 13, 2012

NERO tee

I was asked to do a Nero tee a while back. The idea was to use their stage set up as the basis behind the tee. Unfortunately I never heard back from them but the design is too cool not to share so I would like to show it off. 


Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The people you choose to surround yourself with determine the type of person you will become, or in this case, what type of a designer.

We made a lasting impression on the Graphic Design department and Graduating class of SCAD Atlanta this year. Every year my school publishes a book full of the best graphic design work of that years senior class. This year my class mates and best friends are covering the pages. 

I will continue to speak highly of the people who influenced me and grew me into the designer that I am today.
I will continue to surround myself with people like all of you. 

Ashley Tipton

Amy Carter
Ashley Ray, Melissa Suarez

Brittany Kron, Dave Stine

Denzel Smith

Dinesh Dave

Holly Chong, Eric Beatty

Jacob Vanwinkle 

Kendall Henderson

Sarah Butler, Eric Beatty

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