Monday, January 30, 2012

Eddie Gold + The Editions

Let me introduce you to my good friend Eddie Gold. An MC turned DJ of the Southeast.
Eddie is one of the best electronic Djs of the southeast, but more importantly he loves
spinning good music but more importantly he loves doing this for a crowd. He spreads his
knowledge of good electronic music and never settles for whats available he strives for
whats next, which is how I like to live, and how I like to party. 

These, Gold + Editions items are now available on the Editions store for pre order
for just $19.99 a piece or $32.99 combined with our normally low shipping rates to 
anywhere in the country. 

Golden Editions tee
Golden Editions snapback

Support this guy, for the love of Electronic Music in the South.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Here it is, the final looks for all of the Editions seasons. Its nice to step back and look at the scope of this project as a whole. Feels good.

The most recent book features two of the best models I have ever worked with, Jordan Wright and Andrea Hard. Enjoy! And with direction from Carley-Beth Culpepper and the photography of Sarah Butler this has been the smoothest and best looking release yet.

View the books here.
email, for wholesale inquires 

Monday, January 16, 2012

N*EW Editions: 2012 Starts right.

I am proud to release this new Edition to start off the new year! The Editions continue to push forward with the recent release of 3 driven limited editions tees. With a beautiful new webstore to match, this is sure to be a good year. Each new tee is hand printed on a new quality extra soft blank. Check out everything.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

AIGA-Atl Pin-up Show 2012

I put together a little video of the amazing Annual AIGA Graphic Design Pin Up show last Saturday for everyone to experience. 

This was a showcase of Graphic Design Students from all over the state with a chance to show off their best work and have it judged by: Nicole Riekki, of The Coca-Cola Company
Brad Copeland, of Iconologic, and Rick Anwyl, of Son & Sons

Schools Represented:
Art Institute of Atlanta
SCAD - Atlanta
Portfolio Center
Georgia State
Georgia Tech

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Aiga - Atlanta Pin Up Show.

Tonight I have the wonderful opportunity of representing my school at an informal Graphic Design Pin up show. I will be representing my School along side my colleagues and classmates. Im certain we will dominate the room. The work from the schools in the Atlanta area will be judged by Nicole Riekki of The Coca-Cola Company, Brad Copeland of Iconologic, and  Rick Anwyl of Son & Sons. Technically this is the 2nd show that my work will be  
featured in, even though it is a free for all Pin up show.

I will be showing 3 of some of my favorite printed pieces, My Atlanta Dub2 Poster, Supreme Machine, and TWIF. 

Details here
I will have my video camera.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Here we are, a new Edition, a fresh year to make an impression. Good luck to you.

The Editions has just launched its new online store, have a look. New products coming soon.
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