Sunday, May 17, 2015

I rode by this scene on my new/handed down bike yesterday after wandering aimlessly around Bedstuy and Bushwick. A baseball league gather to play a few games every weekend a block away from my crib. This had been the 5th or 6th community gathering I had ridden past in the past hour. It is quite an amazing feat to gather a crowd of people of all colors and all ages to participate in a single act in the spirit of having fun and enjoying a saturday. Where no one is watching, where personalities are embraced and loved. 

I stopped in my tracks and as I saw the coincidental team colors matching the local bodega signage and tried my best to capture this moment. As I lifted my camera I heard chatter behind me about my spectating action. Which I can see where the inclination arises, due to the borough being the excessive subject of gentrification. However, there is something beautiful here, something worth capturing and sharing and if we don't show this side of Brooklyn to the ones who care nothing they will win. 

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