Thursday, January 6, 2011

Making a Name.

Discouragement and Renewal

I am constantly worried about making a name for myself as a freelance designer. I spend my free time designing/illustrating teeshirt art for clients (bands) or myself recently I have been feeling a bit discouraged and overwhelmed by the talented Teeshirt designers that have been marking their territory in the field... but then recently I received some attention as well as some reassuring and motivating words from a designer friend Daniel who is a recent fan of my clothing and co-runs his own screen printing shop. Daniel mentioned is reason for his appreciation of my clothing is to see a graphic designer with a clothing line that doesn't stop working that continues to push out new and improved items that don't adapt to trends.  Today I pushed myself to keep working and to release my new type tee earlier than planned, with the help of my ever faithful photographer Shannon Dobrow

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