Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Blur.

Stubbornness and Surreality

So its sunday and I find myself at SCAD again working, playing, sitting haha. I spent the night at the high museum looking at the artwork of Dali. With over 1000 people, not moving several lines and clusters of people it was an experience to say the least. The drawings of this artist and publication covers he was featured on were most interesting to me. I guess I am not the biggest fan of his.

After this long event filled night bedtime ended being around 530am and the next day I was awake by 9 so as you can imagine saturday and sunday became a little blurred.  

I spent the rest of my sunday on home work and designing. I was advised, on multiple occasions, to make my 20 mile trip back home early to avoid the "winter nightmare." However, me being as stubborn as I am I decided to have dinner at 8pm. My journey did not begin until there was at least an inch of snow on the ground. So I suited up, and adorned my true northern persona and began down the snow covered 6 lane interstates of atlanta. To my surprise I was in awe of how beautiful the fresh sheet of thick snow was. Six lanes with hardly any cars on them covered in pure white snow. The street lights were a blur with all of the snowflakes pouring in front of them. The wind whistling and the snow hitting my windshield, it was a sight.

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