Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day.

Process and Thought

I believe that the georgia is in chaos right now over a little snow. After my experience during the worst of the "snow storm" I was feeling excited about venturing out today and going to school. Although, after watching the news and seeing that tons of people were thinking the same and blocking every road in every direction and learning that my class had been canceled I was a bit upset. Consider me snowed in.
After a day spent with my little sister outside in the cold and homework here and there I decided to watch some movies with coffee to make this snow day official.

127 Hours, a, based on true, events movie about a man trapped in a canyon with one arm crushed beneath a boulder and his unthinkable decision remove his own arm. This movie gave me the extreme sense of helplessness I wont spoil the rest.

Se7en, a story about a soon to be retired new york detective and a just transferred rookie detective assigned to work a homicide that ends up being the work of an extremely smart and twisted serial killer. The killer plans every moment of the week long escapade and thinks through every situation and scenario until his plan is completed. This movie is one of my favorites.

127 hours

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