Thursday, October 10, 2013

First off big ups to all the people who are putting on events for Design Week Pdx. 
I happened to make it out a panel interview last night for what was titled "The Future of Retail." 
The event was held at Ziba is a design firm NW portland is a very forward thinking and innovative 
company that deals with retail spaces, commercial space, and product on a regular basis. which was 
very evident from the look of their work space.  

However the general consensus from my group was that the entire presentation and panel of the future of
retail, was still set in the present. The speakers did however validate the importance of a brick and mortar
physical experience they did not discuss in detail thoughts and methods of improving this experience, 
or ways that the retail space coincides with an online and social environment.

Post 1 = internet rant. Very fitting. 

Step up Design Week Pdx, 3 days left   

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