Friday, May 4, 2012

Eric Beatty

Eric Beatty. A designer, a business lead, an innovator, a laugh.

Proud to highlight this guys work. There is a funny story behind me and Eric's friendship. He is partly responsible for me getting my opportunity to intern at Nike HQ last summer. Designer friends are the best.

Mr. Beatty just recently launched his personal portfolio to attract potential employers, and I'm sure he will attract more than just that. The work is fantastic and speaks for itself. It was a true honor to work along side Eric during our college career.

This project in particular leaves me speechless. A mock project rebranding an up and coming airline with a new way of thinking about booking air travel. Its revolutionary, simple, beautifully executed. The posters speak directly to their target, and would be a brilliant campaign.

Good luck to you Mr. Beatty in all of your future endeavors.
Thank you for the experience we shared.


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