Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jon Gann

For one of my final projects as a SCAD Atlanta Graphic Design Student I rebranded a music and art magazine, and created a physical and digital issue. So to fill this 68pg magazine I used various articles and featured non other than my friends and the people who inspire me. The second of which is one of my best and most influential friends, Jon Gann. 

(Photography By: me )

Jon Gann, hailing from Alabama,  a trained graphic designer working with ceramics and mixed media illustration. Gann’s style infuses his past with his present in a striking and unique way. Using multiple mediums to present his thoughts and experiences, this body of work is an interesting look into the life of one that has had many experiences good and bad. Jon Gann uses his art work to reveal to others the parts of him that he does not share freely, but his work still isn’t simple to figure out. Jon uses messages and notes from various sources in his work. These sources span anywhere from notes he has written to others or small messages he writes to himself for inspiration. At some points these pieces of work could be his personal journal that he takes down after each week throughout his years as an artist.  

Jon is an interesting fellow, who spent most of his youth skating and playing with various bands such as,  Comrade, A Planet That Eats Planets, and Mt. St. Mtn.. Projects that he had invested in that fell short due to internal struggles. All three bands were the likes of an experimental sound that was birthed from each members abilities. Jon was the drummer for Comrade and Mt. St. Mtn., he was quick but precise which is a tough combo to find in a lot of drummers out there. He constantly beat himself up over minor mistakes or not using a drum fill to its full potential. His style focused on the moments that no one expects, the off time beats, the 3 and a half count of every measure. Almost like the hidden secrets of each part throughout each song. When this mentality translates into art or design, you are given Jon Gann’ s unique style and methods. Attention to detail becomes a focus in his work and is very apparent in the secrets he tells. 

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