Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mr Corey Biggs.

For one of my final projects as a SCAD Atlanta Graphic Design Student I rebranded a music and art magazine, and created a physical and digital issue. So to fill this 68pg magazine I used various articles and featured non other than my friends and the people who inspire me. One of which is this guy. Corey Biggs. 

(Photography By: Jeff Corigan )

(From the Article)

Biggs is single-handedly responsible for introducing San Diego to now globally renowned but then under-the-blogosphere-radar acts from all over the country, such as: Diplo, 12th Planet, the Trouble & Bass Crew, Treasure Fingers, Dim Mak’s Steve Aoki, and countless others. This is an invaluable asset to a city like San Diego. When a city becomes exposed to a new sound its heart (the influencers) begin to crave it and need it. People like Corey Biggs, then take on the new sound like it is their job, by being selfless and spreading this new found knowledge to friends and acquaintances. Once this happens it can directly influence a cities music culture and indirectly influence the next hit artist.  When a Dj begins to connect with his favorite producers and Djs he is unknowingly setting out on this journey to teach people something different.

In may of 2010, Biggs started a small event at the El Durado Cocktail Lounge in San Diego, and called it Dub Durado. Dub Durado has quickly become one of the most recognized underground bass music events on the West Coast, earning Biggs and his team praise from bass music lovers and top-tier DJs alike. By inviting these top Dj’s and founders of the genre to share the stage with him he has gained a respectable influence.

Be looking out for Jon Gann's feature. And for the Full Magazine on my Portfolio in the coming weeks.

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  1. Visit Dub Durado in San Diego and see what this guy is up to!


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