Sunday, August 21, 2011

Nike Design Intern Showcase.

So my summer experience at nike has come to an end. I can easily say it was one of the greatest experiences I have had. I learned so much from the people I worked with and I will continue to apply it to my life and my design. All of the people I met were wonderful, and all of them had a different story to share. I loved being around that. 

So during our last week the design interns had an open house show of all of the work we completed over the summer. So here is a little something from that showcase of what I am allowed to show. I created a standing board that represented the meeting of Me and Nike for the first time. The board worked exactly as planned. It contained removable pieces that became thank you memorabilia to all the people that were a part of my experience at Nike HQ. I am so grateful for this experience... I will see you again Portland Oregon.

some of the pieces removed


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