Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have watched a significant classmate grow a lot in the past 3 months her design skills and knowledge.
It was great to experience this chapter in her life with her.
Her latest creation is very personal and thoughtful, it has impressed me.

The First Step to Your Future Is Overcoming Your Fears
Final Project for Graphic Design Studio 1
Fears are the only elements that hold us back from achieving our goals. Because I want to be successful in the future, I have made a statement of my fears, shown that I will embrace them, and express how I will make them into my strengths and goals for the future. The reason I have the statements in a circular format with the text overlapping is because I want to show that I am chaotic and uncertain of my future right now (as seen in the center) but that as I grow, mature, and find my inner calling that I will become one with myself (as seen in the entire circular form).
I chose to place an image of my bare back in the background of the composition for two reasons. Because I am digging deep within myself, pinpointing my problems, and making them visible and known to the world, I feel that stripping myself down to the core would be more than appropriate. I also used an image of my back because it presents that I have put my fears behind me, I am headed toward the future, and that I want others to follow my lead.
I also chose the typeface Futura because it is easy to read and has a strong but still delicate feel. It is also very geometric and is used in many Bauhaus designs in which I drew my inspiration from. Rather than making my design look Bauhaus, I decided to take the underlying reasons for creating Bauhaus design and apply it to my work. These aesthetics include unification in design, the use of a simplistic typeface, and the use of all lowercase letterforms. Also, the shades of grey that are used to show how important a goal is to my future, is a characteristic of the Bauhaus in that color tints emphasize important words in a composition. Also, my entire composition is set on a very strict grid structure.
The purpose of my design is for people to feel the way I feel as a designer now and know how I wish to feel as a designer in the future. From far away, viewers will feel a sense of unity, peace, and calmness from my design. This is to show that I have found my identity and that I am comfortable with my future. From up close, the viewer may feel a sense of chaos, frustration in reading the type, and an overall lose of unification. This feeling of frustration is the same feeling that I have when assigned a design project and cannot think of a solution.
Overall, this project is very personal to me in that it serves as an exploration of my future identity as a designer. This project visually communicates to the world that I am in no way perfect as a designer but that I am willing to embrace my imperfections and do my best to turn them into my strengths. By exploring my inner self, I have developed my goals for the future and learned how I will steer myself in the right direction for success.

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